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Nearly 100 years ago

It all started in 1927, since then our company has worked for brands big and small, new and renowned. We have our focus on FMCG and with our decades of experience have specialized in the (soft)drink industry. 


We support procurement and brand management with advice in design, use of materials  and delivery of: 

-             Barware

-             Drinkware 

-             In- and outdoor POS materials

-             Brand activation concepts (On and Off trade) 


Our clients include worldwide renowned breweries, distilleries, wineries, soft drink brands etc. But also small and local brands that want to standout and gain the attention of the consumer. Either within retail or in bars, restaurants and at events. 


Throughout the years GSI has invested in partnerships from local to Europe and the Far-East. Thus we secure modern production facilities enabling us to remain pro-active in our market and product development. Our supply chain management ensures optimal production, sourcing and delivery. But also in meeting your fulfilment needs when it comes to storage, distribution, (technical) installation and maintenance from an economical and environmental standpoint.


The production of the Gsi Group takes place in its own workshop. In addition, the group has a select number of manufacturers mostly on the basis of joint venture cooperation.

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