Market, Target groups and Materials

No matter what you are looking for we provide you with a wide variety of products and materials: Drinkware, Barware, POS and Gifts & premiums. Either by sourcing existing products that meet your needs. Or by designing and developing unique products and materials for field marketing purposes a certain event, location or aimed at specific target group. Products to give away, to display your product or to visualise your brand. But also materials to create a complete setting or brand experience. All with the goal to increase brand value and with that growth in market share.

Every market has it’s specific standard or bespoke products either for in- or outdoor exposure. We definite the following markets: Beer, Liquor, Wine, Soft drinks and FMCG.

We can offer and design unique products for each target group you are aiming for: Bars & Restaurants, In- and Outdoor Events, Home, Retail.

We work with all possible material types: Glass, (Recycled) Plastics, (Re-used) Wood, Metal and LED-illuminated products. Depending on your briefing i.e. lead time, quantity, way of use we source and produce either locally, in surrounding countries, Eastern Europe or in the Far East. Besides design and production we are also renowned for meeting your fulfilment needs; storage, distribution, (technical) installation and maintenance.  

A few brands we work for:

Lipton – Brand – Lindemans – Grolsch – Jack Daniels – Peroni – Perrier Jouёt – Monin – Gulpener – Jägermeister – Hooghoudt – Captain Morgan – Boomsma – Absolute

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